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FAIRHAP (Fair Play and Happiness through Sports) is a two-year Erasmus+ project that seeks to provide the necessary awareness to sports teachers and children about basic human values through sports training. The objective is to instill and teach children, at an age that is most vital to the development of character and personality, all the universal values that are concentrated in the Olympic ideals, through participation in sports activities, using a specially formulated educational material. This will be achieved by a strong partnership between five partners from 5 different countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Italy) that complement each other with their background, experience and expertise.

The FAIRHAP partnership consists of an appropriate mix of complementary participating organisations in order to achieve the successful deliverable of all aspects of the project. The FAIRHAP consortium is well balanced from different points of view:

  • Based on the type of the members, because it integrates training institutions, sport associations, culture associations and sport organisations
  • Based on the geographical coverage, because there are 5 countries (Greece, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia) representing a wide geographical area, directly involved in the activities

All partners will contribute to the activities of the project but, depending on their area of expertise and experience, and each of them will play a more important or leading role in the tasks to be accomplished.

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