NGO Inter Sport Group - BG Haskovo Bulgaria - ISG

The association “NGO – Inter Sport Group (ISG)”- Haskovo is a sport organization, established for the promotion and development of various sports among the young population of Bulgaria, forming a culture of safety during the sport practice and its role in raising awareness about opportunities among vulnerable social groups, creation a culture of sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle with priority to students and youths through preservation of natural and cultural heritage and interactive activities to raise public awareness of sport and health. The activity of the organization is related to the promotion of sport for children and adolescents, promotion of non-standard and large events for sports and healthy lifestyle for athletes, students in sports schools for children and adults with special needs. The organization works actively with similar organizations at country and abroad and specially in the field of formal and non-formal education, nutrition and prevention of drug, aggression in schools and stress. All instructors and teachers have the professional levels to work with different target groups and regularly participate in national and international courses for training, which provides them a high level of competence. The good partnership between the regional inspectorates of education, sports, state, regional and municipal structures allow inclusion of all stakeholders to achieve the objectives of the association,  in particular enabling children and adults, regardless of age, sex, social status to play sports, train and integrate.  “Inter Sport Group – BG” assists talented children athletes to realize their potential. The association works actively to sustainable development and promotion of sports profession and entrepreneurship and helps to raise the profile of the sport profession in all its aspects. Organization provide assistance to graduates of sports schools for retraining and further realization as sports specialists, future managers in clubs, instructors freelance helping their validation.

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