CRE.THI.DEV. - Creative Thinking Development

CRE.THI.DEV. is a Greek non- profit company aimed at the promotion and strengthening of  research, education, lifelong learning, technology transfer and know-how, expertise and action plans for local development, sports, culture and employment. The company focuses on community development through the research and development of action plans, regarding the local and social economies, mainly on the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, employment and local development, throughout Greece.

In this framework the company organizes and promotes studies and research projects, participates in European projects, cooperates with universities, companies, government authorities, technological centers and organizations, vocational training centers and business associations, focusing on the exchange of knowledge, technology and innovation.

CRE.THI.DEV has 10 members and a big network of scientists from various disciplines. The members of CRE.THI.DEV come from different disciplines and have great experience from their previous employments on coordinating and implementing National, European and International projects of a wide spectrum.

CRE.THI.DEV actively promotes athletic, cultural and youth projects and the dissemination of information on specialized subjects that promote quality of life and strengthen social cohesion. The organization endeavours, among others, to:

  • Promote innovative activities that aim to combine the fields of sports, health, education and vocational trainings, through cooperation with local authorities, sports clubs and associations in local, regional, national, European and international level.
  • Organize events that promote the values of sports and exercise, as a means of personal, social and professional development.
  • Organize meetings, seminars, events and actions that promote and disseminate the activities mentioned.
  • Fight the spread of drug use in the population and in sports by promoting amateur sporting and fitness events.
  • Promote innovating educational methods for the prevention and elimination of violence, racism and prejudice in sports.
  • Support the application of EU policy papers in sports and other allied fields, like guidelines, recommendations, strategies etc.

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